5 Awesome Christmas Décor Inspirations!

5 Awesome Christmas Décor Inspirations!

It’s that time of the year again! Just a few more days until you all assemble for a hearty family lunch and exchange lots of presents!

Want to experiment with your Christmas décor this year? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

Fairy Light Photo Wall

Christmas is all about family and what’s more nostalgic than old photo albums? Surprise your family on Christmas Day by setting up a unique display of your old photographs. Got a barren wall in your living room? Turn it into a fairy light photo wall! All you need is fairy lights and your choicest photo selections, and viola! Your family will love the gesture and enjoy the nostalgia it evokes.

DIY Alternative Christmas Tree

Recycled your old Christmas tree? Make do with an alternative one! This is perfect if you have a huge cupboard or a stack of shelves lined up against a wall. Simply surround it with Christmas lights and rearrange the objects, and you have a DIY Christmas tree in your living room! You can add colorful ornaments and decorative items on the shelves for an enhanced effect.

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Fireplace Decorations

If you have a fireplace, than this is the perfect décor idea for you. In addition to hanging stockings, why not also utilize the space in front of it? This’ll make the perfect site for you to display gifts for your loved ones, instead of cluttering the house with them.

You can also use the space to put up props, floor décor, and even a mini Christmas tree.

Mantel Makeover

You can’t decorate your house and ignore the empty mantel! Transform this space into a holiday display with your decorations. You can do this in a number of ways.

A collection of different-sized candle and potpourri bowls is an elegant approach. For more festive feels, use fake snow and mini potted-plants to add that wintery effect. You can even arrange wreath on the mantelpiece, along with a miniature Santa Claus, elves, and reindeers. The choices are endless!

Colorful LED Lights

Who doesn’t like Christmas lights? If you want a more minimalist approach for you holiday décor, than all you need is a bunch of colorful LED lights. You can arrange these anywhere in your house, be it on the walls, the ceilings, on a Christmas tree, or inside glass bottles. You can even intertwine them into a garland and make a unique wreath out of them!

The twinkling lights will add just the right dosage of merriment and liveliness inside your home for the Holiday season.

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