Common Electrical Safety Hazards during the Holiday Season

Common Electrical Safety Hazards during the Holiday Season

Electrical hazards occur at an alarmingly high rate. A report saw that nearly 6,000 injuries caused by these incidents were fatal from 1992–2013. The hazardous incidents are even more frequent during Christmas festivities, when holiday lighting is at its peak.

Here are a few common mishaps that can be avoided this holiday season.

Overloaded Electrical Circuits

It’s hard to resist lighting up your place during the holidays, but makes sure you’re not overloading your circuits! Adding too many plugs in your extension cords can cause the circuits to trip, blowing the fuses along with it. This can result in the wires overheating and getting damaged in the process. The heating up of the wires may even lead to a fire which can have dangerous consequences.

If the circuit box is situated in the basement or a shed, it may go unnoticed until the fire has already begun to spread. Avoid becoming prey to these unfortunate incidents by preventing an overload of electrical circuits. You should also use a surge protector to monitor and regulate voltage spikes.

Damaged Extension Cords

Are you using damaged wires and extension cords, despite the fraying at the ends? You’re putting your home at risk of a huge fire! It may seem like a convenient hack to get out of buying new extensions, but this can have very harmful results. Any and all damaged cords must be replaced immediately to avoid fire-related accidents.

Another mistake people make is neglecting the placement of the extension cords. Be careful to not place these in doorways and under carpets, or anywhere where they may come in contact with water. Always secure them away from these spots, and use unbroken wires for your décor!

Overused Holiday Lighting

Taking down holiday décor can be a tiring job. A lot of people tend to leave the lights up for months at a time, but this can be quite dangerous.

Holiday lights aren’t meant to be used for such long periods, and it’s recommended to take them down a few days after the Holiday season to ensure safety. If left for too long, they can cause short circuits and even fires. You don’t want to come home one night to see the roof ablaze amidst all that red and green!

Even if you’re letting the Holiday lights stay up for a few extra days, make sure they’re not in contact with of paper, cloth, or other wiring.  Also take precautions to connect less than four light strands together at a time.

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