5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs an Electrical Inspection

5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs an Electrical Inspection

Did you know that 50,000 electrical fires happen in the U.S. annually? Out of all the reasons, electrical fires account for the most significant chunk of that 50%. To avoid this, you need to get your house inspected. An electrical inspection is a thorough examination of your house’s electrical system – from wiring to sockets to the fuse box.

Getting an electrical inspection for your house is the best way to ensure that your house is safe and up to the standards of the National Electrical Code. Below we outline a few reasons why it is super important to get an electrical inspection for your home.

Purchasing a Century Home

For houses built in the 1940s, it is most likely that the wiring and circuit boards are not up to the mark to endure modern electrical usage. Their load carrying capacity is limited. Regular inspections of old houses can ensure that your house’s electrical system is functional after all these years. It can also help identify if any electrical safety issues can cause more considerable damage.

When Buying a House

If you’re purchasing a new home, it is smart to get the electrical inspection done. This way, you will be aware about all the underlying issues in the wiring, and you’ll also be able to negotiate a lower price any problems are identified! Although electrical systems in the houses are built according to National Electrical Code, sometimes the homeowners get unlicensed work done to save money. An inspection will ensure that the house you buy is of the best value and safe to live in.

Before Renovations

Before you think about carrying out some major renovations in your home, consider getting an electrical inspection. It’s the best time to get an inspection; walls are dismantled. Things aren’t permanently fixed. An inspection at this time will not only ensure that your current electrical system can handle the new renovations but also facilitate electrical upgrades by being inexpensive.

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To Avoid Potential Hazards

There is a possibility that you, or someone before you may have attempted DIY electrical repairs or installations. Since those weren’t done by professionals, some aspects of the procedure may pose a danger to your life and your home. Although according to the U.S. Department of Labor and Industry, all electrical boxes should be secured to the building structure, DIY projects can miss specific wires, which might later cause house fires.

Insurance Purposes

Your homeowner insurance policy’s carrier may ask you for an electrical inspection. It often happens when you change the insurance company, have an older house, or after claims. It aids the insurance company to evaluate risks that could affect your safety.

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