Should You Ignore A Sparking Outlet?

Should You Ignore A Sparking Outlet?

Have your outlets ever sparked when you’re unplugging an electrical appliance? That’s never a good sign—it indicates a possible short circuit or burnt wiring that could lead to one. Sometimes, if the short circuit is bad enough, the sparks can grow and worsen to become potential fire hazards.

Here’s everything you need to know about sparking outlets:

Why Do The Sparks Occur?

There are plenty of reasons why your power outlets are sparking. Water damage is a frequent cause of electrical sparks. Any leaks in the walls can end up near or in the power outlet to create the sparks.

Wear and tear is another reason for a sparking outlet. Wire insulation can wear off over the years because of overheating, or pests like rats can chew it off. The worn-out areas could let electricity escape to the surrounding area to cause sparks or possible electrical fires. Sometimes, improper repairs or faulty wire installation can also cause sparks.


When Is It Dangerous?

Sparks from electrical outlets aren’t always dangerous—they always happen when you plug in an outlet, and you can’t usually see them. Sparks are unsafe when you can see them and also notice some strange things along with the sparks. Some signs of a dangerous spark include:

Prolonged Sparking: Sparks usually don’t last for very long, prolonged require the immediate attention of a professional. Such sparks can eventually lead to short circuits and possible malfunction in your appliances.

A Charred Smell: if you notice a burning odor in your home odor when you plug something into the outlet, there’s something wrong with the wiring. This odor is often caused by melting and burning plastic. Let a professional know what’s going on so that it can be taken care of immediately.

A Strange Color: Normal sparks from an electrical outlet blue. If you notice a yellow or white spark- you should be concerned and call in a professional electrician.

When Is Sparking Not Considered A Problem?

A sparking outlet isn’t always a sign of grave danger to your property and family members- a jump from the plug is normal because that’s how electricity reacts to the plugs. If this happen regularly though, it’s best to have a professional deal with it.

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