The Key Benefits of UPS Preventative Maintenance

The Key Benefits of UPS Preventative Maintenance

Unexpected blackouts bring our lives to a halt. They hinder communication, business activities, entertainment, and even security. Some of the most important utilities that we use on a daily basis are electronic, and require electricity in order to function. This includes mobile phones, TVs, PCs, and security systems, among many others. The unavailability of any of these devices can make our lives difficult and unproductive.

The average cost of unexpected blackouts is $1.25-$2.5 billion yearly. However, these costs can be reduced by using UPS systems. UPS systems store their own electricity and ensure uninterrupted electric supply. However, these systems require regular maintenance in order to function effectively. Therefore, you should never ignore a UPS’s maintenance. Here are the key benefits of UPS preventive maintenance.

Minimal Downtime

Regular maintenance keeps a UPS up and running perfectly in the long-term. The lack of any breakdowns and a reliable supply of electricity from the UPS ensures that downtime is minimized. Minimal downtimes, in turn, result in higher productivity all around.

Less Energy Wastage

Well-maintained UPS systems drain less energy. Less energy wastage is good for everyone, including the environment, biodiversity, and our personal finances as well.

Reduces Costs

Regular servicing cuts down on emergency UPS servicing costs by up to half. Other than this reduction in costs, it also indirectly reduces a lot of costs incurred that are related to downtime. Thus, regular UPS maintenance reduces a lot of costs, both directly and indirectly.

Usefulness of Data

Preventive maintenance requires the collection of a lot of in-depth data regarding a UPS’s infrastructure. This data is very useful in terms of better management of a UPS over the years. This data is also very important to data centers in companies that use UPS infrastructures. This takes us to the benefits of preventive maintenance with regards to budgeting.

Improves Budgeting

Having an uninterrupted, reliable supply of power gives a business certainty. Businesses rely on forecasts for all sorts of operations and if there is no reliable electric supply, these forecasts will be of no use. Thus, the whole energy ecosystem has far-reaching effects for success and profitability of a business.

Professional Maintenance Services

UPS maintenance is not an ordinary job. It requires professional knowledge and experience. You need to hire a well known maintenance service provider for the job.

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