3 Signs Your Work Place Needs an Electrical Upgrade

3 Signs Your Work Place Needs an Electrical Upgrade

Technology is evolving at an exponential scale. The need to upgrade your electrical appliances is essential in today’s world, especially to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Let’s talk about the need to maintain electrical rewiring and upgrades in workplaces. Here are three signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

1. The trouble with Circuit Breaker Trips:

Circuit breakers shield your electrical circuits from overloads. If the breaker detects excess current, it interrupts the current flow (or ‘trips’) to protect your electrical circuit, and consequently your appliances, from damage.

If these trips are quite frequent, it can raise the alarm for faulty wiring and electrical panel issues. Additionally, these recurrent trips can also mean new electronics are drawing too much current, indicating the need for an electrical system upgrade is.

Electrical wires jumbled

2. Dimming or flickering lights

Damaged power lines can lead to flickering or dimming lights. If left unaddressed, this can lead to electrical fires.

The underlying reasons behind dimming or flickering light could be a loose connection which could cause the circuit to overheat. It can also indicate a loose bulb.

Flickering lights can also be the result of voltage fluctuations caused by high-powered appliances being turned on.

3. Charred, Damaged or Burned Outlets

External factors like dirt and dust particles can penetrate your outlet and hinder its functionality. This could be either due to improperly installed wiring or a circuit overload.

A stained outlet or an outlet with yellow colouring on it can be a big red flag! This can lead to chances of short-circuiting and sparking. It could also mean that a fire has already started within the electrical circuits. So why take the risk and wait for something to happen? Get on board with trusted electricians at RHK Electrical.

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