Dangers of DIY Electrical Repairs

Dangers of DIY Electrical Repairs

Have a flickering light in your room? Annoying isn’t? You might think, “I should fix it myself. How hard can it be?”

Believe us when we tell you, it’s a bad idea. You do not know what the actual problem really is. Take a look at some of the dangers of DIY electrical repairs:

Fire Hazards

There are multiple reasons, for problems with electrical wiring. In many cases, the issues are not immediately apparent.

There is always a chance that you might connect the wrong wires. This can result in a fire.

According to data collected by the U.S Fire Administration, 335 people lost their lives in residential fires back in 2013. The most common reasons for these fires were incorrect electrical wiring, faulty connections, and overloaded circuits.

In addition to fires, you are also putting yourself at the risk of getting an electric shock. It can lead to a serious injury and in some cases can be fatal.

Code Violation

In order to reduce the likelihood of fires, building owners are required to follow certain standards. The National Electric Code gives details regarding standard practices pertaining to efficiency and safety of electric wiring in your home.

You are violating the code when you attempt to fix problems with wiring on your own. It also renders your home insurance void. This means you will have to pay for low quality materials and structural damage on your own.

In addition to that, you will also have to pay penalties for code violation. It also impacts your home’s curb value.

It Might Only Make Things Worse

Previously the problem with your light was just a loose connection. However, when you try to solve the issue on your own, you might end up damaging the wires completely.


This will only make the problem worse. Now you will have to replace the wires altogether. Not only is it time consuming, but also more expensive.

You might have expensive electrical appliances and equipment at home, which might sustain damage due to the problems with the wires as well. This will only add to your overall costs.

In order to prevent all of the aforementioned problems, it is best to rely on professional services. A licensed electrician will immediately identify the issues with the wiring and solve them before they get worse.

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