Does Your Electrical Switchboard Really Need an Upgrade?

Does Your Electrical Switchboard Really Need an Upgrade?

Located either outside the house or near your meter, a switchboard is the centerpiece of all the electrical wiring in your house. It takes electricity from the main lines and directs it to the various circuits in your house. 

But like everything that is used frequently, switchboards tend to malfunction as time goes on. While this may cause minor setbacks at times, in the worst-case scenario, you may have an electrical emergency on your hands. 

But how do you determine when you need to upgrade to prevent this from happening?

A Short Circuit

Frequent short circuits indicate that the switchboard is overloaded. This is especially true of old switchboards. 

When a switchboard is overloaded, it’ll simply stop current from passing through, and will trip. This causes short circuits—and prevents fires that are caused due to overheating.

Flickering Lights

No, it’s not a ghost. Flickering lights indicate that you either have old or loose (or both) wires in your switchboard. 

It could also mean that your switchboard is damaged. Ensuring that there’s no problem with the bulbs is the first step, but if the issue persists even after you replace them, you have a switchboard issue on your hands. 


The Switchboard’s a Mess

Folks, if your switchboard is a bigger mess than your life, you have a big problem on your hands. With all the sometimes hundreds of wires in it, a switchboard must be orderly and neat. 

Overcrowding a switchboard does more than make it look unorganized: it brings many problems to the table. If your switchboard is messy, get in touch with an electrician today and get it upgraded.

Fuses or Circuit Breakers?

Older houses usually have rewireable fuses, whereas newer houses have circuit breakers. Fuses can be hazardous and pose many threats, due to the fact that they have copper inside them. 

Copper fuses tend to blow up in case of an overload; this can lead to further issues, and even safety risks. If your switchboard still has fuses and not circuit breakers, you need to have an electrician make the necessary changes—for the safety of yourself, your family, and your home. 

Looking for a Licensed Electrician in Cypress, Texas?

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