Here’s Why You Can’t DIY Electrical Repairs Around the House

Here’s Why You Can’t DIY Electrical Repairs Around the House

Working on DIY projects can be rewarding; on the one hand, you’re able to save on significant costs, and on the other, there’s a huge sense of accomplishment.

DIY projects have become extremely popular among homeowners in the age of YouTube tutorials and internet hacks—and while it’s a good thing to take on a project by yourself, DIY electrical repairs and maintenance tasks are never a good idea.

Unless you have the right skills, knowledge, and understanding of wiring systems, electrical circuits and electronic devices, it’s best to leave the task to the professionals.

Here’s why!

Electrical Repairs are Dangerous

Not all electrical systems are installed in the same way. Even if you’re following a tutorial word for word, there’s a chance that your home’s wiring has, say, a different color than the one in the tutorial video.

You could end up cutting the wrong wire and risk damaging the whole electrical system. Then there’s also a high chance of electrocution if you come in direct contact with a bare wire. The injuries can range from momentary shocks and electrical burns to cardiac arrest and major nerve damage.

Surveys show that approximately one thousand deaths are caused every year in the United States as a result of electrical injuries.


You May Need a Legal Permit

Fancy yourself a handyman? Well, before you go offering your skill and services to your friends and relatives, you should know that you need a license or a permit to work on electrical systems in Texas. This clearly indicates that according to law, unless you’ve acquired an occupational electrical safety license, you’re clearly not eligible to handle electrical systems. Specialized training and industry specific classes are a requirement if you don’t want to spend money on professionals.

Faulty Repairs May End Up Costing You More

All it takes is one wrong move!

You push the wrong button or take out a vital component of the system and boom; everything stops working. On top of that, if you mess up the current supply, not only will you be facing a power outage, but when the power comes back on, a sudden inrush can damage expensive appliances like the refrigerator, electric stove, or HVAC system.

So when you do call a professional service, you’ll be paying a lot more to have the work redone correctly.

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