Loose Electrical Outlet Box? Here’s Why It Requires a Professional Repair

Loose Electrical Outlet Box? Here’s Why It Requires a Professional Repair

If you ever put a power cord in an electrical outlet and the entire thing comes out, you’re dealing with a loose electrical outlet. Now, apart from being highly inconvenient, these can be quite hazardous. They can put you and your family at risk of electrocution and harm your home’s electrical wiring system.

If you have a loose power outlet at home, here’s why you shouldn’t try to fix it on your own and call a professional instead:

Exposed wires

Faceplates are the mounting plates that cover the electrical switch. When you pull the loosened electrical outlet many times, the faceplate can come off, exposing the bare electrical wires beneath.

These can put you in danger and may cause disruptions in other power fixtures of your home. A professional electrician can deal with cracked faceplates with expertise and ensure that no wires remain out of place once they’ve installed a new faceplate.

House fires

If rather than pulling the power outlet outwards, you’ve been pushing it inside the wall, the electrical receptacle may shift its position in the electrical box that supports it. This may cause the wires to come loose, which may lead to a house fire.

Professional technicians have specialized equipment such as plastic spacers to deal with power emergencies. Whereas, an inexperienced person like yourself may not know how to put an electric fire promptly.

Cord damage

If it takes a lot of force to plug a cord in a power outlet, the chances are that it’ll take the same amount of pressure to remove the line from its place. In these circumstances, your cord may also get stuck in the loose electrical outlet box, leading to an electrical hazard. If you try to remove the line without special equipment, you’re putting yourself at high risk.

Furthermore, the cord can also burn in the faulty outlet leading to a fire hazard. An experienced electrician will quickly switch the main power line and remove the cable without causing it any damage to protect you from unnecessary inconveniences.

Electrical shock

Perhaps the most persistent threat while trying to fix a loose outlet on your own is of electrocution. Lack of expertise, inadequate protective measures, and the absence of specialized electrical equipment can put your life in danger.

Hence, if you have a loose electrical outlet box at your home, reach out to RHK Electrical. We offer quick and safe electrician services for homes across Cypress, TX, at fantastic rates!

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