5 Mistakes Electricians Make

In 2019, more than 160 fatalities due to electrical injuries were reported in the US. It’s vital to hire professional electricians for homes and offices to reduce the risk of electrical injuries.

Unprofessional electricians tend to make mistakes quite often. What are some of the most common ones? Let’s look at these five mistakes that unprofessional electricians may make:

An electrician fixing wires

1. Touching live wires:

One of the most popular mistakes made by even unprofessional electricians is being too close to high voltage and low voltage wires that can lead to very serious injuries. This will also cause a power outage or malfunctions in appliances.

To avoid touching live wires, be sure to work from a safe distance to not have any physical contact with them at all during the whole job duration.

2. Not knowing how to install the lighting fixtures:

Electricity is a very powerful force, and if the wrong kind of electrical work is done, it can cause serious injuries or even death. Unfortunately, many people think that they have no problem doing electricity work because it comes naturally to them.

The truth is that they’re most likely not aware of the dangers associated with electric shock and electrocution, which can easily lead to fatal outcomes.Hazardous wiring

3. Improper wiring:

Another common mistake that causes electrocution mishaps is improper wiring. Electrical cables or cords are put into place to enable the electrical devices and appliances to work properly. And the dangerous part about these wires is that they can cut off abruptly, sending many electric shock injuries to whoever is in its way.

4. Not checking for exposed live wires:

This is another mistake commonly made by unprofessional electricians, but it can also happen to those who are experienced in the field of electrical installation too.

When you go through a breaker box, be sure to check for exposed wires so as not to expose yourself.

5. Not using the right tools:

Another common mistake made by unprofessional electricians is using the wrong kinds of tools or equipment for electrical work, including lighting fixtures installation. When used improperly or without electrical training, these tools can cause electrocution mishaps, resulting in serious injuries and even death. These tools may be dangerous in ways that can harm others if applied improperly.

Hire Professional Electricians

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