3 Common Electrical Box Problems That You Should Keep Your Hands Off

3 Common Electrical Box Problems That You Should Keep Your Hands Off

An electrical box is an enclosure that houses wires carrying current; it offers protection to the wires against the external environment. This includes s dust particles, water, and harsh weather conditions.

Over time, the condition of the electrical box can deteriorate, which presents electrical risks. Statistics by OSHA reveal that approximately 350 electricity-related fatalities occur every year. Hence, it’s critical that you hire the services of a professional electrician to ensure that repair work is conducted safely.

Here are three common problems that you should never attempt to fix by yourself:

Broken cover plate

If your electrical box’s cover plate is broken or missing, it’s important to install a new one, particularly if you have children at home.

electric box

Moreover, a broken cover plate puts you at risk of rodents and pests chewing and damaging the wires, which can lead to a short circuit or electric fire.

It’s important that you don’t attempt to fix the broken cover plate yourself. If there’s an exposed or frayed wire inside your electric box, it can cause electrocution.

The electrical box is too crowded

If you’ve recently bought a relatively old house, the chances are that your electrical boxes will be crowded with tangled, old wires, unless the previous owners performed a complete rewiring done.

Moreover, it’s common for people to add additional wiring to accommodate the increasing number of appliances.

The overcrowding of wire can cause air circulation problems, which can cause overheating and lead to an electric fire.

Wiring is insulated with electrical tapes

While using electric tape is a convenient way to patch damaged wiring, it’s a temporary fix that shouldn’t be used as a permanent solution.

Over time, the electrical tape can deteriorate and leave open wires exposed, which can lead to electrocution and also pose a fire hazard.

Therefore, it’s important that the damaged wiring is completely changed .

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