Ways To Prevent Short Circuits In Your Home

Ways To Prevent Short Circuits In Your Home

Short circuits can cause huge damage to your electrical system and your home. These happen when a high-volume electrical current runs through a low-resistance path due to some fault.

They can cause your electrical system to breakdown; in worst cases,they can overheat and lead to an explosion that may result in a fire.

Here are some ways to prevent short circuits in your home:

1.     Check Outlets Before Use

There’s a box filled with electrical wires sitting behind every outlet in your home. When these wires loosen or are damaged, they can cause short circuits when appliances are plugged into them. It’s difficult to see faulty wires because they are fixed into walls, but you will be able to signs on your outlets.

If you notice a burning smell in the room, burning marks on an electrical outlet along with sizzling and cracking noises then there’s probably a damaged wire hiding in your wall. The same is true for power outlets that may be sparking.

Avoid plugging in appliances if they show any of the above signs to prevent short circuits.

2.     Check Appliances Before Use

Sometimes the problem isn’t in the building but in the appliances you’re using. If your circuit breaker trips when you plug in certain appliances, it could have faulty or damaged wiring.

Have an old appliance that may have circuitry problems? Call an electrician to have it fixed.


3.     Reduce Electrical Usage During Storms

The most dangerous way a short circuit can take place is through a lightning strike. A sudden large flow of electricity can cause major damage to the electrical system.

To prevent short circuits during a storm, it’s best to reduce electrical usage and switch off appliances that don’t need to be on.

Reducing electrical usage will prevent the chances of a short circuit and make sure the damage is minimal in case a power surge takes place.

4.     Perform Basic Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Your circuit breaker is your home’s inbuilt protection against short circuits. They are located in your electrical panels and cut off power to specific parts of the building whenever they sense unstable electrical currents.

Regular circuit breaker maintenance will ensure that it is functioning properly and that it can protect you from short circuits when needed.

Professional electrical technicians will carry out thorough checks of our electrical system, including your circuit breaker to make sure you are protected.

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