What’s An Ideal Time to Get Your Home Rewired?

What’s An Ideal Time to Get Your Home Rewired?

According to the United States Department of Labor, improper wiring is one of the biggest causes of electrical shocks—at homes and workplaces! Even between 6 and 25 milliamperes of current can cause the human body to temporarily lose muscular control and feel a strong sensation of pain.

Of all the safety precautions you can take, home rewiring is the most important.

What does home rewiring involve?

When you get your home rewired, you need to lift some parts of the floor and drill into some walls. This is because a huge chunk of the wiring either runs through the floor or through the walls. This also establishes the fact that home rewiring needs specific expertise and can’t be carried out by a layperson.

During the rewiring process, the electrician installs news cabling and fits the back boxes into the switches and sockets. They will also rewire lighting circuits, aerial sockets, and the telephone.

If need be, they might even install new sockets, fixtures, and switches. This is also a great chance for you to upgrade your electrical system and get modern technology installed. This can include speaker cabling, LED lights, and any other addition toy deem useful.


The electrician will generally carry out the rewiring process in two steps:

In the first step, all the cabling and wiring is installed. This is when the back boxes are also replaced. In the second stage, all the lighting fittings, switches, and sockets are installed. In this step, the electrician also connects the wiring to the consumer units to make the new setup go live.

When should your house be rewired?

In all honesty, there is no definitive answer to this. Every home’s rewiring needs are different. Not every home needs complete rewiring. Some might be good with small updates. Ideally, you should get an electrical inspection done to assess the need.

Your home ideally needs rewiring if the wires start appearing old and visibly worn out. Other than that, you also need to see if your outlets have been feeling warm to the touch after they’ve been used. Other warning signs include sockets and switches giving off electrical shocks, fuses getting blown every now and then, and appliances shutting off for no reason. You also need to see if you’re experiencing some sort of power outages while your neighbors are not.

Problems like these usually arise if your home was built anywhere in between the 50s and the 80s. Such wiring doesn’t have the right capacity to support most of the electrical gadgets that you may need today. You could also need rewiring if you’re adding an electrical extension to the house. This is to make sure that the increase in electrical load can be safely managed by the wires.

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