Commonly Asked Electrical Questions

Electrical issues are common around the home, including small things like a light switch not working and bigger things like an outlet blowing a fuse. Here are some of the most common questions homeowners may have about the electrical system around the house and how to deal with them.

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#1 What’s A Short Circuit?

A short circuit is a break in an electrical circuit. When electricity travels through a wire, it essentially takes the easiest path to its destination. If there’s a break in the circuit, there’s no path for the current to travel through, and it has to take another route. It usually goes through another wire or some part of the circuit that wasn’t designed for it, causing overheating and sometimes fire or explosion of nearby materials. In a house, this can lead to blown fuses and melted wires.

#2 What Can I Do If My Light Switch Doesn’t Work?

When a light switch doesn’t work, usually it’s because the lightbulb is burned out. Turn off the power at the circuit breaker and change the lightbulb. Then turn on the power at the circuit breaker again. If this doesn’t work, then there may be something wrong with your wiring, and an electrician should be called in to help fix it.

#3 Why Do The Lights Keep Flickering?

This could be a sign of a loose wiring connection or one that’s not properly grounded. This can be addressed by fixing the wiring and grounding the connection properly by using an earth wire. An outdated electrical system may even cause it, so it’s best to call up an electrician to have it fixed.

#4 What Are Some Generator-Related Safety Precautions Around The House?

Generators can be dangerous if not used properly. Always call a professional to get them installed so that they’re grounded properly and installed correctly. Don’t try to install one yourself or modify it in any way, as this can be fatal.

#5 What Do GFCI Outlets Do?

GFCI outlets are designed to be safer than regular outlets. They are installed in bathrooms or sinks and ensure that electricity flows smoothly through the wiring, essentially preventing any incidents of electrical shocks.

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#6 Why Is My Electrical Switchboard Heating Up?

Electrical switches get hot when in use, which may indicate an overloaded circuit issue. It may also indicate loose or broken wiring. If you smell plastic burning, that’s a sign of overheating; this will only be a problem if the fuse is blowing.


Whatever questions you may have are best answered by an expert electrician. If you’re looking to solve some issues around your home, now is the best time to call RHK Electrical. We offer electrician services for homes and offices. Our services include lighting services, electrical repairs, and generator repairs, among others. Reach out to get our help in Cypress, TX.




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