4 Reasons to Invest in Backup Power Sources for Your Retail Business

4 Reasons to Invest in Backup Power Sources for Your Retail Business

According to E Source, power outages cost U.S. businesses $27 billion per year within eight key market segments.

The holiday season can be a trying time for those who work in retail. You’ll see many people going in and out of stores, trying to find the perfect gifts to give to their loved ones.

In rush-hours like these, it’s extremely important to keep floor operations running smoothly. One of the worse things that could happen on a busy day is a blackout or a power outage. Extreme weather conditions bring about energy challenges and power supply disruptions. This can really bring your business transactions to a halt.

What can you do to overcome this? Invest in a backup power source.

Here’s why having a backup generator is a smart idea.

1- Providing Power within a Matter of Seconds

It’s hard to predict how long the blackout will last for. If it lasts several hours, it could result in downtime and severe loss in business.We’re not talking about mild inconveniences here. This unfortunate issue is emerging as a board room-level concern.A 2018 survey found that “one in four companies experience a power outage at least once a month.”

Having a backup generator or UPS means that you’ll only be without power for a few seconds before the backup generator starts to work.

2- No Interruptions in Your Security System

Most security systems are hooked up to a power outlet. In the case of a blackout, your store is left vulnerable to criminal activities such as break-ins and burglary.

Having a backup power source that activates instantly is indispensable to the security of your retail store. This is where a backup power source comes in.

3- Smoother Changeover

Imagine you have been running your store on the backup power source and the power finally comes back on. Since the backup generator or UPS is functional for a couple of minutes after the main source of energy is restored, this prevents a lot of transitional issues from occurring—i.e. voltage fluctuations when the power comes back.

4- You Will Still Have Access to the Internet

You will have uninterrupted access and be connected to the world no matter how long the power outage lasts. In cases of an emergency, communication can save your business.

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