5 Signs Your Generator Needs Maintenance

5 Signs Your Generator Needs Maintenance

Owning a generator, especially during storm season is more of a necessity than a luxury. Electricity is one of the first things affected in the event of a hurricane or storm, which is why people often invest in a reliable generator for their home. 

Power outages can be a pain to deal with as it’s nearly impossible to conduct household tasks efficiently without any electricity. This is where owning a generator comes in handy, but it’s important to remember that like all engines, generators also require maintenance. Here are five signs yours needs maintenance. 

Trouble starting the generator

A tell-tale sign that your generator needs maintenance is if you experience difficulty starting it. It’s natural to assume that there may be some difficulties starting it if you’re using it after a long time, but if this is a consistent problem, then your generator requires urgent maintenance. The problem usually requires a quick fix such as oil replacement or replacing a damaged igniter. 

generator repair

Higher fuel costs

As your generator starts to wear out, you’ll notice that it loses its efficiency. The quality of mechanical components such as gears and belts deteriorate, which leads to higher fuel costs. 

Fuel efficiency is a great indicator of a generator’s performance and if you constantly find yourself refilling your generator, it’s a sign that the generator needs maintenance. An experienced electrician can quickly replace mechanical components, decreasing fuel costs and increasing efficiency.

Excessive leaks

Whether your generator runs on diesel or petrol, excessive leaks from your generator is a major sign that it requires maintenance. Unlike other problems, leaks are easy to spot as you’ll notice puddles of liquid underneath your generator. Leaks can severely impact the generator’s performance and significantly increase fuel costs. You’re advised to call in a technician as soon you notice that your generator has sprung a leak. 


The most obvious sign that your generator needs maintenance is that it’s really old. Naturally, older generators experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. People are often reluctant to replace old generators as they consider them to be more reliable but in order to increase their life, regular servicing and maintenance are required. 

Unusual noises

As most generators are very loud, it’s hard to make out which noises are normal and which are uncommon. We suggest looking out for rattling sounds, which indicate a broken or loose component. To make it simpler, just call in a technician any time you feel that the noise from your generator is louder than usual. 

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