Backup Generators Your Savior in Emergency Power Failure Situations

Backup Generators Your Savior in Emergency Power Failure Situations

Backup generators also referred to as a standby generator, provide a reliable solution to power a space during an electrical outage. They switch on automatically during the power outages and maintain a continuous supply of electricity.

It’s incredibly important for commercial spaces as businesses can’t afford to waste time due to a power failure. Downtime can cost the company thousands of dollars per hour or even minute, depending on their scale of operations.

Let’s talk about the importance of backup generators in emergency power failure situations:

Emergency power failure situations in Texas

Natural calamities

Texas has an unfortunate history of natural calamities, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and storms. These disastrous events have disrupted power infrastructures and led to a substantial amount of damages.

Texas has had many hurricanes that affect it, the most notable one, including Hurricane Harvey that was the second-most costly hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland since 1900. The catastrophic event was followed by flooding and tornado and caused $120 billion worth of damage.

The Lone Star State has also suffered many disastrous flood events as well as earthquakes that have shaken the city to its core. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over natural calamities, but we can always be prepared.

Flooding destroys underground electrical equipment and leads to extended electrical shutdowns. Earthquakes cause severe damage to electric infrastructures and result in lengthy power outages. Hurricanes can also cut down the power supply for extended periods.

Without access to electricity, your business may experience severe difficulty in the testing times, especially if your office building was at the received end of the calamity, so having a backup generator is important to navigate extensive power outages.

Aging systems and external damage

In addition to natural calamities, there are instances where the aging power system can stop working, especially during winters due to ice and snow. Similarly, numerous external elements can cause a break in electric transmission.

For instance, an animal or bird damaging the electric grid or an auto accident where a vehicle crashed in the power lines can leave you with no electricity. While power service providers are proactive with repair and maintenance, the unforeseen circumstance can take a while.

Here, a backup generator will provide your office electric supply until the power is restored. It will allow your employees to continue their work and save you thousands of dollars by maximizing the utilization of your valuable office time

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