Standby Generators Vs. Portable Generators: Which One Should You Choose?

Standby Generators Vs. Portable Generators: Which One Should You Choose?

If you live in a safe neighborhood, short power outages don’t seem too scary. You get to bring out those flashlights and pretend to be on a secret spy mission with your kids or set up a lovely candlelit dinner with your partner.

But all fun and games come to an end when the power outage lasts longer than an hour.

In today’s day and age, we need electricity to perform daily tasks, and a power outage just halts everything. More importantly, if you have someone with a health condition that requires energy-dependent equipment, then a generator is a must.

But, which one should you choose?

We’ve listed the top key differences between portable and standby generators to help you make an informed decision.

What Is A Portable Generator?

As the name suggests, a portable generator is easily transportable and can be used for recreational activities such as camping. This generator will be able to power essentials like your refrigerators, heaters, and fans.

What Is A Standby Generator?

This generator is permanently installed on your property and has a weatherproof covering. They run on natural gas and can last for decades if maintained properly.

A house with electricity due to a generator

What Are The Differences?

1.      Installing and Fixing

Portable generators are heavy and run on gasoline. Whenever you need to use it, simply assemble it, add the fuel and turn it on. This can’t be used indoors, so if it’s raining outside, you’ll need to cover it up for protection.  You’ll need to call a professional to install a standby generator. Once correctly installed, this switches on automatically when the power goes out.

2.      Power Supply

A portable generator gives lower power, but this depends on the unit size you choose. Standby generators can power much more than portable ones.

3.      Noise Levels

Portable generators can be very noisy. Standby generators tend to be quieter in comparison.

4.      Maintenance Requirements

Portable generators require regular maintenance to ensure everything is working smoothly. Standby generators give you a signal when they require maintenance, but you’ll need a professional to help you out.

5.      Price

Portable generators tend to be affordable, whereas standby ones are costlier. However, this can boost your property’s resale value.

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