The Cost of an Extended Power Outage For Your Business

The Cost of an Extended Power Outage For Your Business

As a generator and transformer maintenance service, RHK Electrical provides electrical protection to businesses and commercial clients who can’t afford any downtime. Load shedding and blackouts can negatively impact a business, and without a reliable standby generator, businesses can lose customers, face interruption in providing efficient assistance, and may even completely shut down.

Electrical power has become a vital part of our everyday lives, but with increasing demand, it’s becoming less reliable. America has seen major power outages in recent years as demand continues to grow.

Generators, therefore, are becoming increasingly popular as a backup energy source for both residential and commercial spaces.

Impact of Power Outages on Business

Small businesses are at higher risk, but quantifying these losses isn’t an exact science. To determine your losses, multiple variables need to be kept in mind. These include:

  • Manufacturing disruptions
  • Worker productivity
  • Lost consumer purchases
  • Lost inventory
  • Missed deadlines
  • Lost data
  • The future perception of business
  • Day and time of the outage
  • Natural of disaster
  • Damage to electronics, appliances, and electrical systems due to short-circuiting or a current inrush
  • Interrupted access to the internet and, therefore, websites and cloud platforms

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Some businesses suffer more than the others. Grocery stores, manufacturers, and healthcare systems incur the most losses, according to data. Since the losses are calculated in retrospect, an exact estimate is impossible, but surveys show that Hurricane Katarina caused damage worth $125 billion—knocking out 10,000 MW of generating capacity.

Accurate risk assessment and understanding the impact of downtime can help businesses devise a strategy for the future. Investing in the right generator can not only save money, but also human lives. Hospitals and military installations, for example, risk potential loss of life, in which case, the cost becomes impalpable.

How To Tackle the Problem?

These losses are often not recoverable, and can change the future revenues of your company.

A reliable standby generator can eliminate this threat but without proper maintenance and tuning, even a brand new generator can lose efficiency. This is where we come in. RHK Electrical provides expert maintenance services to commercial clients and business owners based in Cypress, Texas.

We also provide fittings and installation if you’re a new business and need to tackle the blowouts, hands on. Our efficient installation can also help you lower the costs of electricity bills.

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