‘3’ Eco-Friendly Lighting Considerations that Can Help Woodlands’ Homeowners Save Money

‘3’ Eco-Friendly Lighting Considerations that Can Help Woodlands’ Homeowners Save Money

Are you thinking of upgrading the lighting in your house but don’t want it to be heavy on your pocket? Folks in Woodland, we’ve got you covered.

Lighting is an essential element in the appearance of your house. It should be environmentally friendly and shouldn’t increase your utility bills in the future. If that’s something you’re looking for, here are some suggestions.

Halogen Incandescent Lights

These are bulbs that have a filament inside which heats up and glows. They consume relatively less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. When you connect them with dimmers, they also reduce energy consumption.

While these are eco-friendly and pocket friendly, they’re not as efficient as CFL Lights and LED lights.

Electricity bulb with filament

CFL Lights

Compact Fluorescent Lamps save even more energy than incandescent light and have a longer lifespan of up to a decade. They’re designed in different shapes and sizes so that you can choose them according to your preference. CFL bulbs can be recycled as well.

LED Lights

LED lights are technologically-advanced and the most efficient from the lot. Light Emitting diodes (LED) consume less power and are budget-friendly, helping you save tons on your electricity bills over the years. EPA has confirmed that LED bulbs received the Energy Star label after continuous testing and inspection. The lifespan of LED lights is the longest as they last up to almost 25 years. While CFL lights have claimed to contain traces of mercury, LED lights contain no such toxic substances resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Although they were expensive when they were introduced to the market, their prices have significantly reduced over time.

LED lights are the perfect option for indoor lighting. Homeowners can use them in the kitchen, on the ceiling, in wall mounted lights, and as accent lights.

Tired of traditional lights ruining your home’s aesthetic? Call us today! The Woodland Electricians can recommend the right kind of LED lights for your home.

You can also call us for electrical repair services in Kat, TX.

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