4 Reasons to Upgrade to LED Lights

4 Reasons to Upgrade to LED Lights

When remodeling your house, merely replacing the lighting won’t do. What you need is an upgrade!

Gone are the days of traditional lights; with ever-evolving technology, LED lights have taken over the world by storm. In 2020, LEDs achieved a 61% penetration of the global lighting market. But why?

Here are some reasons why you should upgrade to LED lights right away:

  1. Increased Efficiency 

One of the most significant advantages of LED lights is that they’re designed for lower energy consumption. Some even refer to them as energy savers.

LEDs use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. When used at a lower power level, the difference is more significant. A bright LED bulb uses 11 to 12 watts compared to a 50-watt incandescent bulb.

This means you won’t have to worry about rising utility bills. You can install lighting in all parts of your home while paying a lower price.

  1. They’re Long Lasting

There’s nothing more annoying than changing bulbs that blow out regularly. Consider LED lights an investment!

The last 20 times longer than traditional incandescent lights, so you won’t need your ladder that often. When an incandescent bulb is turned on, the filament heats up and gets thinner over time until it eventually blows out. With LED lights, you won’t have to worry about this; they’ll last you for a decade!

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  1. Eco-Friendly Choice

While LED bulbs reduce your dependency on electric grids, these are also an eco-friendly option. Fluorescent bulbs contain materials like mercury that can be dangerous to our environment.

On the other hand, LED lights don’t contain any of these materials, and the best part is that they’re 100% recyclable. Since these bulbs have a longer lifespan, you won’t have to discard them often, reducing the accumulated waste. Just imagine the impact this would have on the environment!

  1. More Variety 

Lighting can instantly lift the mood of your house. Warm lights work best in vintage settings where are whiter lights complement modern settings.

However, when working, you might need a cool, bright light to focus. LED lights have the latest technology, allowing you to switch to any color or temperature you like. From light bright white to warm hues, an LED bulb can do it all.

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