4 Reasons Why You Should Use LEDs for Parking Lot Lighting

4 Reasons Why You Should Use LEDs for Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lights are often neglected until they begin to flicker. A well-lit parking lot isn’t only convenient for drivers but ensures the security of pedestrians.Conventional lights useHID lampsthat aren’t very reliable. These lights weren’t only expensive but led to poor results. An effective solution to this problem is installing LED lights.

LED lights are taking the global lighting market by storm with a penetration rate of 53% in the year 2019. The value of this technology in the lighting market was USD 45.57 billion in 2018which shows the increase in demand for both residential and commercial areas. Why not use it to light up our parking lots?This technology holds some amazing benefits for parking areas, some of which are discussed below.


An incandescent bulb gives off90% of its energy as heat. However, LED bulbs are much more energy-efficient. A parking lot led bulb would consume 80 Watts of power. They reduce the overall electricity consumption resulting in a significant decrease in the monthly electricity bill of large commercial facilities.In 2012, around $675 million were saved by installing 49 million LEDs in the US.

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Reduces Maintenance Cost:

LED lights are a durable energy source. The life span of each bulb is 50 000 hrs. which means you can use an LED for 13.7 years for 10 hours each day. This makes them an investment for your business reducing the cost of maintenance to a great extent. Their progression is steady throughout their lifetime.

Ensures Safety:

Poor lighting hasa drastic effect on the overallsafety of drivers and pedestrians in a parking lot. It can lead to incorrect parking;accidents lead to serious injuries.  A poor-lit area also provides an opportunity for criminals to carry out crimes. Using LED lights will eliminate this issue. They ensure high visibility by enhancing the brightness of a parking area.


High-Quality Performance:

By installing LED lights in a parking lot, you don’t have to worry about dull lighting. They distribute light in an even manner. They are also available in a number of colors depending on the requirement of the user.

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