4 Ways LED Lights Can Help Boost Your Business

As a business owner, cutting down on costs is one thing that’s always on your mind.

Commercial lighting carries an unavoidable cost, but did you know upgrading your lighting can help you save thousands of dollars annually by significantly reducing your utility bills?

LED light bulbs offer multiple benefits that include improved energy efficiency and ultimately save you big bucks. Here’s how LEDs can benefit your business.

LED lights in an office

Reduce Energy Consumption

LEDs don’t waste energy as heat as much as conventional lights, which makes them highly efficient and ultimately helps you save big on your utility bills.

A 6-watt LED bulb produces the same amount of light as a 40-watt incandescent bulb does. Hence, replacing your office lights with LEDs will help reduce your utility bills by up to 50-90%.

Last Longer

Where an average incandescent bulb will last about a thousand hours, LED light on average can last up to 50,000 hours.

It has a life approximately 8-10 times longer than a CFL, 50 times more than a typical incandescent bulb, and 25 times longer than halogen light. This means, after installing LED lights, you’ll have to spend less on replacing bulbs now and then for a well-lit workspace.

well-lit hallway of an office

Improve Employee Health

LED lights are less tiring for your eyes as they’re glare-free. They’re much more compatible with electronic monitors and computer screens and will not trigger your headaches or migraines. Unlike traditional lights, LED lights do not contain mercury or any toxic substance that needs to be disposed of properly.

Enhance Employee Productivity and Performance

Well-lit workspaces motivate and encourage employees to be more accurate, energetic, and efficient in their work. Studies have shown improved performance in cognitive and visual tasks when switched from traditional fluorescent lighting to LEDs.

This improved productivity, along with the saved costs, will significantly improve your bottom line!

people working on their computers in an office

Hire LED Services in Cypress, TX

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