A Brief Guide to Choosing the Right LED Color Temperatures

A Brief Guide to Choosing the Right LED Color Temperatures

Do you want to upgrade the lighting at your home or office?

Switching to LED lighting will provide you a multitude of benefits, including high brightness and intensity, energy efficiency, low radiated heat, and much more. The best part is that LED lights come in exceptional color range. If you want to keep things simple, you’d—of course—go with the white color, but it also comes in three different color temperatures.

Here’s a brief guide to choosing the right LED color temperatures to help you make the right choice:

LED Color Temperatures

Natural White LED

Natural white color temperature falls in the range of 4000K – 5500K. As the name suggests, it provides the appearance of natural light during the daytime. Natural white light is an ideal option for modern homes and office spaces as it looks aesthetically pleasing and makes a space feel more inviting. It’s very easy on the eyes and provides a perfect working condition.

Warm White LED

Warm white color temperature falls in the range of 1900K – 3200K. It produces the same color as an incandescent light bulb or halogen lamp. It’s a good option if you’re switching to LEDs but don’t want to change the look of your space. Warm white light is ideal for places that need a cozy ambiance like restaurants and spa and look equally majestic for homes.

Cool White LED

Cool white color temperature goes above 6000K. It resembles the color of a camera flash and makes the space pop. The cool white color also has a tint of a blue hue, which provides a clean, crisp lighting environment. It’s heavily to illuminate large spaces like showrooms, warehouses, and large office spaces.

Which color temperature should you choose?

When choosing the LED color temperature for your home, you can narrow down your choices between warm white and natural white. We recommend warm white for living rooms, bathrooms, and any room where you want soft lighting and white light for the kitchen and garage for high illumination.

Though it’s not a hard and fast rule, for instance, if your home’s kitchen has a country looking décor, warm light might work better. Similarly, if you enjoy painting or photography, installing an extra natural white light LED in the room will provide greater color accuracy. LED lighting is inexpensive, so you can always keep a few bulbs handy to switch things up.

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