A Brief Guide to Outdoor Led Set Up

A Brief Guide to Outdoor Led Set Up

Moonlight and a street lamp post aren’t enough to illuminate your front yard. What’s the benefit of having a well-groomed and plush lawn if you can’t see its beauty at night?

Having a well-lit front or back yard can instantly add to the aesthetic value of your home. Moreover, using LED lights to illuminate your outdoor space is a sure-fire way to accentuate your property and reduce electricity bills!

Here’s a guide on using the different styles of LED lights to spruce up your outdoor space!

LED Deck Lights

Little deck lights are likely to remind you of the runway lights at the airport runway. However, they’re much smaller!

Not only do deck lights accentuate your deck and the stairway, but they also allow you to see clearly in the dark.

The wood texture of a deck complements the warm-toned LED deck lights and adds a contemporary look to your deck.

Wall pack lights provide illumination to pedestrians

LED Wall Pack Lights

Wall peck lights are an ingenious way to light up your driveway or your curb. Multiple LED wall pack lights are mounted on the wall of your house, which allows pedestrians and car owners to see in the dark.

Moreover, wall pack lights provide enough light for you to detect any alarming activity within your property. Studies suggest that criminals are less likely to commit a crime near well-lit houses and streets.

LED Floodlights

If you own an extensive lawn, broad-beamed floodlights are ideal for you. Floodlights are needed to illuminate large areas such as football fields and help you see clearly in the night.

Even though floodlights are high-intensity lights, LED floodlights use less energy and provide you with the same light intensity.

If you like to enjoy a night game of soccer within your home, then LED floodlights are the right choice for you!

Illuminative LED Strip Lights

Accent LED Strip Lights

Accent strip lights for an outdoor setup?

Yes, you heard us right!

From illuminating your staircase steps to highlighting the walkway, from adding some color to your sofa to kindling up the pool—you can use LED strip lights for any and everything!

These LED lights come in various warm and cool temperature colors and provide accent lighting to your space.

Aesthetics don’t have to come at a hefty cost. If you want to light up your outdoors with LED lights and save up on electricity, then contact the electricians at RHK Electricals. Our electricians help you find the right LED lighting solution for your outdoor space.

Visit our website to learn more about our LED lighting solutions in Katy and Woodland, TX. 

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