Advertising Signs And Their Impact On Businesses

Advertising Signs And Their Impact On Businesses

In order to keep your customers hooked, continuous reminders need to be sent. This is why we see big brands and multi-national companies invest millions of dollars in advertisement campaigns.

Small businesses don’t have the dynamic customer base or the resources to run nationwide advertisement campaign, but this doesn’t exempt them from advertising.

Signs and billboards can be used to attract, prompt, and retain customers. And to top it all off, a sign can be constructed using less time and money.

What are advertising signs?

Signs are considered a direct form of visual communication that grabs attention and communicates the desired message in a creative manner to the target audience. Generally, signs are used for 3 major functions:

  • Inform or direct
  • Promote
  • Build image

Signs direct customer to your stores by communicating exact directions and location. It’s a great way to inform potential customers of your whereabouts.

Moreover, it also identifies the nature of your business, and what products or service you sell. For example, a sign that specifically states, a business specialize in motor bike repairs, will grab attention of all bikers.

Lastly, creativity and the language used in the sign will build your image in potential customer’s mind. For example, to advertise a local boutique for young women, bright colors, floral patterns, or flashy lights may be used.

led sign 2

Impact of advertising signs on business

Draw attention

Signs are hard to miss. Countless people will cross and read your sign, if it’s placed in an ideal spot. Signs get a lot of exposure; passerby may learn about an offer advertised on your sign and make a purchase.

Reinforcement tool

Signs are a long-term investment. You can reap benefits of a small upfront cost for many years. Constant exposure leaves an impression on your potential customers and reinforces the call-to-action advertised on your sign.

For example, a person who walks past your sign frequently will immediately think of your business if he needs a product or a service that you may be selling.

Promotional tool

Discounts and special offers need to be communicated to the target market in order to generate additional sales. Apart from discounts, you can also flaunt a recent award or certificate your business received to build a good brand image.

led sign 3


This inexpensive marketing tool covers a large amount of area and provides immense exposure to your business.

Signs are easy-to-use and have a one-time installation cost.

Make your business stand out with LED signs. It should be noticeable, visible, readable and striking enough to engage the viewers.

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