Business 101: 4 Ways LED Signs Help Bring Customer Engagement

Business 101: 4 Ways LED Signs Help Bring Customer Engagement

The world we live in is all visual. This is because catching the consumer’s flittering eye requires a bold statement.

This is part of the reason why digital signs are central to most company’s marketing strategies. They’ve been around for decades, but these days, they’ve become popular more than ever. The reason is simple; the market’s saturated, and retailers need to make an instant impression to gain customers’ attention and loyalty.

From increased customer engagement to being an effective brand awareness tool, let’s take a look at the implications of digital and LED signage on customers’ in-store experience.


It’s no surprise that modern day customers want to be associated with brands that appear to understand millennial culture. Loyalty to a certain brand mirrors a customer’s desire to achieve the same lifestyle, and is a form of consumer self-expression.

When a consumer sees a digital sign that expresses their personal identity, they’re more likely to step into the store.

Identity Alignment

Think about a mall with a huge food court. According to consumer psychology, a customer will choose a restaurant that reflects images that are consistent with their own identity. An LED sign that says, “We compost organic waste” or “vegan food” will bring engagement from customers who share these values.

Without a clear LED sign announcing these values, potential customers will buy food from a place they’re more familiar with.


They Attract Attention

One of the most exciting experiences when we go out shopping is seeing a great deal on our favorite product. LED signs are a great way to exhibit these sales, as they can fit a lot of information in a small space. A 15 or 20 inch screen can hold a lot of information, and brands can change it whenever they want.

Just the words ‘discounts’ and ‘sale’ are enough to convert window shoppers into buyers; all it takes is one sign.

Social Engagement

Apart from signs, digital touch screens can take the customer experience one step further. Pinterest recently introduced Product Pins that let shoppers buy anything they like. In a blog post, Pinterest said that ever since the feature came out, product clicks increased by 40 percent.

With an in-store digital touch screen, consumers can instantly shop for a look with the self-serving search tool. The feature was initially only available to big brands but now small businesses can also use it to drive revenues.

At the end of the day, customers tend to choose brands that catch attention more and drive emotions. LED signs are highly effective for achieving both. If you’re convinced that your retail shop needs an LED sign, get in touch with us on +1 832 948 6019.

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