Converting to LED—Things You Need to Know

Converting to LED—Things You Need to Know

Even though it is common knowledge that LED lights are far more superior to other types of lights, you still need that extra push to make the switch. Knowing exactly what you need to convert to LED will make your transition easier.

To help in clearing the cloud of confusion, here are some things you need to know before you are ready to convert to LED:

LEDs Last Longer Than You Think

LED lights do not just save money reducing the electricity bills, they also last longer. Majority of the LEDS lights have an estimated life of 50,000 hours—almost 50 times more than any other light bulb.

This means once you have installed LED lights, you will not need to get it replaced for a foreseeable future, thereby saving you more money.


Brands Make A Difference

Not all LED brands are the same. The brand of LED lights you are using could make a lot of difference on the energy-efficiency and longevity of the lights.

Some of the best LED brands that are present today include Sunshine, Watchfire, Skyline, Able Technologies and Daktronics. If you are hiring a contractor to convert to LED then make sure that the contractor offers these brands before hiring him.

You May Need Dimmers

Although Installing LED lights will not require any serious lighting system upgrades in your home, if you want to go with dimmable LEDs, then you may need dimmers.

Going with dimmable LEDs is always a good idea; there are several advantages of doing so.  Since their lighting levels can be adjusted, they will allow you to create your desired ambiance in every room of your house.

LEDs Come in Different Colors

LED lights come in various colors and shapes, which is why you can use them to create different settings for different parts of your house.

You can use bright lights for your kitchen, while also having dimmable lights on countertops to give your kitchen an elegant look. Similarly, you can use tape lights in order to make your shelves stand out from the rest of your living room.

The possibilities are endless, which is why it is a good idea to consult a contractor who can help you in creating an LED plan for your home.

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