How to Ensure LED Signs Stay In Optimal Condition

How to Ensure LED Signs Stay In Optimal Condition

As more and more organizations move toward adopting digital signs as opposed to conventional board signs, there arises a need to adopt new methods to ensure that LED signs stay in good condition.

It’s important to start off by choosing a sign that’s sturdy. The location of the LED signs is another important issue. Constant exposure to sunlight can end up not only damaging the sign, but also causing it to be too hot to touch.

This proves to be problematic for interactive LED signs. Some LED signs are not bright enough to be properly visible in sunlight. The requirement is at least 2,000 nits (A nit is a unit used to measure brightness output).

It is not unusual for LED signs to be vandalized. These colorful targets are often the subject of abuse. It is necessary that you install these lights either at a height, or have some form of protection from potential assaults.

Don’t use an indoor LED screen for outdoor uses. It’s a dangerous way to cut costs. Because indoor displays are not made for outdoor conditions, one drop of rain can bring with it a huge electrical risk at the very least. The LED device might end up malfunctioning.

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Routine maintenance is necessary for proper functioning of any electrical device. LED signs can take a serious beating from weather and climate changes. This is why it is essential to have LED professionals come over and conduct routine maintenance from time to time.

Texas has been known to witness extreme weather. LED signs are made to withstand a certain temperature range. Within this range, the LED lights operate optimally. If your signs do happen to experience unexpected temperature changes, make sure you purchase or rent a protective class and attach it on the LED display surface for protection against water and sunlight.

Monitoring the screen health also plays a vital role in detecting early damage or malfunctions to the LED display.

Most LEDs come with a remote monitoring device that allows you to keep an eye on its performance. Early detection and repair of any problems might end up saving you some serious cash.

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