Revamping Your Home’s Interior With LED Lighting

Revamping Your Home’s Interior With LED Lighting

In the last couple of years, people have moved toward LED lighting as opposed to conventional incandescent light bulbs in their home. A major reason for this shift is the fact that LED lights are much more efficient in saving energy costs by 50-70%.

The lighting in your home also has an effect on the aesthetics of your house. Homeowners often use LED lights for decorative purposes in dining rooms, kitchens and other parts of their homes. Different areas of your home have different lighting requirements.

Here’s a look at some ways LED lights can make your homes look better:

The Dining room

Dining room is the area where all members of the family come together over meals. Ambient light in this room has a soothing effect.

The lighting should focus specifically on the table. A hanging light can be effective in this regard. Homeowners should determine the appropriate height for the lights in order to enhance the aesthetics of their dining area.


You need to make sure that your bathroom stays clean at all times. This is why your bathroom requires more lighting than other parts of your home.

Appropriate selection of lights is essential in order to make your bathroom look beautiful. Placing LED lights above or on the side of the mirrors can help improve the look of your bathroom.

Living room

Another area of your home in which all the family members gather is the living room. It is better to avoid lights, which cast strong shadows in your living room. Dim lights are much more preferable in this area of your house.


Like your living room, the bedroom does not require many lights. People often put up paintings and artwork in their bedrooms. Appropriate use of lighting can help highlight the artwork.

There are people who also like to read before they go to bed. In such cases, floor and reading lights are useful since they help prevent strain on the eyes while reading.


Kitchen is one of the busiest areas of your house. Wide angled lights provide ample lighting, which helps in performing different tasks. They also help homeowners ensure that their kitchen stays clean.

Proper placement of LED lights is essential if you want to ensure that your house looks good at all times. Here are some tips for placement of LED lights:

Make sure they stay away from the fan

Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of installing LED lights in the diameter of their ceiling fan. This causes the lights to flicker. This can be quite annoying for homeowners.

Don’t place the lights in the corner

Placing LED lights in the corner of the room reduces their effectiveness. Instead, it is better to place them near the center of the room.

Appropriate distribution of lights

Homeowners need to make sure that they distribute the lights in their homes appropriately. Instead of using two LED bulbs of 16 Watts in the center of the room, use four LED bulbs of 8 Watts. This appropriately illuminates your room.

You can also seek the help of professionals who will be better able to guide you regarding the appropriate placement of LED lights in your home.

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