Why LED Lights Have Replaced Neon Lights As An Ideal Choice For Business Signs

Why LED Lights Have Replaced Neon Lights As An Ideal Choice For Business Signs

LED signs have gained a lot of popularity in the world of advertising. Even though neon signs have been extensively used in the past and worked quite well for many businesses, LED lights are now quickly taking over. There is no doubt that LED will continue to dominate the market until a better option comes along.

Here are some reasons why LED is a superior option to neon lights:

Upfront Cost

The upfront cost of an LED sign and a neon sign depends entirely on the size and the degree of animation needed.

However, there’s not much difference between the upfront costs of installing a neon sign or a LED sign. But generally, you will find LED signs to be less costly if you are looking to add vibrant colors and animations. This is because LED comes in a wide range of shapes and colors and it is easier to get the desired result with LED than it is with Neon.

Power Usage

Business signs have to be kept on for the better part of the day, which means a significant electricity bill. This is another reason why LED signs are becoming so popular. Neon lights generally consume almost 4 to 5 times of the electricity of a LED sign, while providing the same level of brightness.

This also makes LED a good option for reducing the carbon footprint of the business.


Neon signs require a dedicated transformer to be hanged which has a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years. They also require gas refilling in the tubes regularly in order to make them work efficiently. This can only be done by the professional, which means a considerable amount of fee has to be paid. Even then, neon lights only last for about 9 to 10 years.

LED lights on the other hand require almost zero maintenance, thereby reducing the operating cost considerably. They also have a longer life span, which means they are a better investment altogether.


Since neon lights contain glass tubing, there is always a risk of breakage if they come in contact with any external elements. They also contain mercury, which is a toxic element that could prove to be harmful if exposed.

LED signs on the other hand do not contain any toxic elements, and are pretty durable as well. LED signs are specifically designed to withstand various external factors, such as rain, wind, snow and so on. They also produce very little heat, which makes them safe to touch.


While certain neon lights may look more aesthetically pleasing, LED signs are brighter and are readable from a greater distance.

This makes a smaller LED sign more effective than a neon sign.


Certain LED signs come with a great deal of control and allow the owner to control it with a remote or a smartphone. Neon lights on the other hand come with no such convenience.

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