5 Indoor Lighting Trends to Try this Winter

5 Indoor Lighting Trends to Try this Winter

The season for a change is here, with the year ending and the weather changing. It’s the perfect time to embrace the new and be out with the old, which means you can begin to mix up the décor and interiors of your home and office.

There’s a lot of exciting trends in interior design that can transform the look and feel of your space. Not all of them need to be drastic changes or extreme measures; you can, for instance, try new lighting trends!

Lighting Trends that are Hot and Happening this Winter

What’s very interesting to note is that the general trends for home décor, fixtures and energy use have changed significantly in the past few years. With a certain consciousness developing in people, there’s a greater shift toward lighting and fixtures that are:

1.     Eco-friendly designs that use power smartly

This is one trend that works perfectly in lieu of an attempt to be more environmentally conscientious and make better decisions. Not just that, but eco-friendly lighting also means that you save more on power bills and costs.

Lamps made of recycled materials and scrap, using energy-saving bulbs and making your home stylish and eco-friendly are gaining immense popularity and are well worth trying!

2.     Exposed cords

Who would’ve thought this would be such a popular trend too? From wanting to hide the ‘ugly,’ designers have now made it trendy and downright beautiful to have cords showing with your lighting. It’s the perfect low-maintenance and industrial designs that a lot of home and business owners hope to achieve.

exposed chords

3.     Zen and mood lighting

Speaking of wanting to channel a feeling—making use of soft fixtures with natural prints, light relaxing colors that mute the room and invoke a sense of calm seems to be everywhere. These fixtures soften the room and make for the perfect meditative space or just a place where you can relax.

4.     Accent lighting

As the name suggests, accent lights are meant to bring a pop to your room. Through innovative, unique and sometimes funky designs, these lights give your room a new life. They can be used to draw attention to a particular area or to add some personality.


5.     Industrial designs

There’s never a time when industrial designs seem to fade out. Metallic finishes, geometric shapes, dark colors, unique shapes are all classic signifiers of industrial designs. They lend a particularly modern look to your rooms.

There’s a lot happening in the world of interior design, but these are some of the most popular trends that are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Get the perfect lighting fixtures installed and lighting maintenance for your home by one of the leading electrician services in Cypress, TX. Get in touch with us here!

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