Church Lighting Ideas for Christmas

Church Lighting Ideas for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone expects their local churches to have festive lights set up just in time.

Special lighting during this season adds to the holiday experience by enhancing the festive connection felt all-around. Benefiting from understanding the right interior and exterior lighting ideas for church decor is essential in making the most of this season.

Here are three ways you can illuminate your local church to add to the holiday spirit of celebrations.

1. Bring life to the exterior

One way of adding a festive touch to your church this holiday season is by decorating the exterior, including the roof, trees, poles and pillars.

Multi-coloured string and icicle lights are ideal for outdoor decoration. However, managing large strings of light can become very time-consuming and complicated.

Utilizing Christmas lighting services is a great way of getting lights installed and removed without any hassle.

2. Illuminated stained glass

Beautifully designed stained glass is one of the most stunning sights at any church. While this visually dynamic art is naturally brought to life with the help of daylight, it is important to ensure it is equally well-lit at night.

One way of achieving this is by using LED light panels that will enhance the texture and contrast of stained glass by adding lift and glow. You can buy affordable and environment-friendly LED sources to bring your masterpiece to life this holiday season.

Illuminated stained glass

Our LED lights also last longer than others on the market, making them a great option for the holidays.

3.  Center stage lighting

Having a good lighting arrangement for the most prominent section of a church is integral. Use multiple sources of light to ensure the area is well-lit. Hanging light sources with a softening effect will further enhance the overall appeal of the church by creating warmth and adding glow.

Using a variety of soft colors can also add to the welcoming atmosphere. Avoid using harsh spotlights as they can interfere with the focus of the congregation and have an unwanted theatrical effect. Another great way of adding soft light to a church is by lightly illuminating the pathway. Along with being a great visual treat, these lights will guide people and prevent dark rows.

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