How to Tell Your Circuit Breaker Is Bad?

Did you know that there are at least 30,000 shock accidents each year?

Circuit breakers protect you from electrical shocks. However, if you replace your breakers in time and call the electrical repair services, it can save you from electrical hazards.

Here’s how you can tell if your circuit breaker is faulty.

The Outlets Have Exposed Wires

If you notice that there are exposed wires in an outlet or junction box, this is a clear sign that something isn’t right with the wiring or your electrical outlets. Just because an electrical outlet is turned on doesn’t mean it’s safe. You could have exposed wires in an outlet box with exposed prongs, which means the cables are touching the prongs.

If you notice exposed wires in any of the outlets or where they insert into your breaker panel (labeled as “A” or “B”), this means you should take a look at your circuit breaker panel. While you can fix this yourself, it’s best to reach out to a professional electrician.

The Breaker Doesn’t Work on All Outlets

This is an easy one to check, assuming you have fuses in all of your outlets, keeping the breaker from tripping. If not, then you may want to look at the circuit breaker itself. It could be damaged or have a problem with how it’s set up. It’s important that the circuit breaker can protect you on all your circuits if it’s going to do its job. If you notice it tripping on some but not others, this may be a sign that it’s time to replace the circuit breaker.

Something’s Missing in the Wiring

If you notice a missing wire before or during your electrical maintenance, this indicates that something isn’t right with your wiring system. Your circuit could be shot (this happens when electricity travels down a circuit), or something entirely else could be missing. Just make sure to check all wires for continuity and length before you call an electrician.

If you notice any of the signs above, it’s best to call the electrician and protect your home. RHK Electrical can help you get the best electrical repair services. We have certified electricians for homes and offices. We offer electrical services across TX.

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