Understanding the Importance of Outdoor Security Lighting in Under Five Minutes

Understanding the Importance of Outdoor Security Lighting in Under Five Minutes

In these uncertain times, you can never be too safe. A proactive approach to home security can help protect you and your loved ones. Installing home alarm systems and high-quality doors are some of the best ways to keep your home secure. However, adding security lighting can add an extra layer of protection to your home.

Here’s a short read to help you understand the importance of outdoor security lighting.

Deter Burglars

According to the FBI, a burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds in the US, which means more than two burglaries take place every minute. Burglars operate in the late hours of the night and target homes with poor lighting. Adding security lighting to your home prevents them from using the cover of night to their advantage.

These lighting solutions are specifically designed to deter intrusions or other criminal activity. Modern security lightings come with motion sensors to detect any movement within 30 feet, which can ward off robbers planning to break-in your home. These lighting can be automated or controlled via remote from indoors.

Prevent trespassing

It’s not just burglars who use the cloak of darkness to commit crimes; trespassers also use the night time to enter your property secretly. It can be a gateway to dumpster diving, loitering, or do criminal damage to the property. Security lighting also deters trespassers from making unauthorized intrusions and keep your property safe.

A house burglar in action.

You can also add CCTV cameras with security lighting to discourage any potential trespasser from entering your property. A home fortified with security measures is less likely to become a target of any crime. In addition to that, outdoor LED lighting solutions can also deter potential perpetrators and keep your home safe.

Insurance Premium

Do you want to reduce your monthly homeowner’s insurance premiums? Security lighting is an excellent choice. Lower risk means lower premiums. Insurance companies are interested in learning what measures you take to prevent burglaries. Having security lighting means there are lower chances of burglary, which qualifies your home for a lower premium.

In addition to adding security lighting, improving your overall home security can also cut down your premiums. For instance, upgrading your home’s electrical system minimizes the chances of short circuits and electrical fires. Insurance companies reward such precautions in various ways, including providing discounts.

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