Reasons Why Short Circuits Can Be a Major Threat

Have you ever experienced a short circuit? If you have and survived one to tell the story, consider yourself exceptionally fortunate.

Studies show nearly 1000 people die each year in the US due to electrical injuries. 30,000 people on average suffer from non-fatal electrical injuries, and about 24000 fires are caused by short circuits.

Don’t overlook the potential hazards of ignoring the flickering lights at your home. Keep on reading to learn more about the risks associated with short circuits.

Uncontrolled Fire

A fireman trying to control the fire

When current flows through a wire in excess, it causes it to heat up and ultimately break. Broken wires can be potentially dangerous as they can cause sparks that can lead to fires. The fires can reach the flammable parts of your home, resulting in an uncontrolled fire.

So, next time you spot a stripped or damaged wire, remember to unplug it immediately and call professionals for help.

Loss of Human Life

An illustration of a person plugging a switch in the socket.

Have you ever received an electric shock while switching on your lights or using an appliance? If you have, you know it sends shivers down your spine. However, you were lucky enough to escape what could’ve been a fatal accident.

With a mortality rate of 3-15% in the US, electrical shocks can have a lasting impact on your body. You can even suffer unilateral facial nerve paralysis after electrocution injury.

Not just the short circuit itself, but its aftermath can also be threatening. The emission of harmful gases due to fire is also very dangerous. They choke you and make you unconscious within seconds. As a result, you are unable to vacate the area or reach out for any help.

How to Prevent Short Circuit

Here are some steps to follow to prevent short circuits:

  1. Keep your devices unplugged when not in use. Pull the cord out from the socket by holding the plug and not the wire.
  2. Keep electrical wires and appliances away from water sources and flammable objects.
  3. Minimize the use of multi-plug adapters. Use them only when necessary.
  4. Any wiring that is damaged or broken should be repaired immediately.
  5. Replace any outlet that has a burn mark, burning smell, or a buzzing sound. It’s better to take the required security measure before it gets too late.

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