4 Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

4 Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

The kitchen isn’t just a place that’s limited to cooking. In the past, builders simply installed a glaring, fluorescent bulb in the middle of the wall but now most homeowners want to spice things up and add their own flair to the kitchen.

The best part is, it’s cheap, convenient, and most of all, it’s fun.

Here are 4 kitchen lighting upgrades you need to have in your home.

Track Lighting

Track lighting consists of multiple fixtures (fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen versions) that allow you to focus light where it’s needed. Specialized fixtures allow for a wide variety of design customizations. These consist of focused lights for specific tasks ormood lights.

track lights

These fixtures should be placed strategically so that they don’t cause an uncomfortable glare. They should also be placed away from the swinging cabinet doors to prevent interference.

Under Cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet lights are most effective for areas where light is needed the most e.g. just above the sink because the upper cabinets and our bodies generally block out the light from centrally placed sources. These lights come in 3 different varieties:

under cabinet

  • Fluorescent Lights:Reasonably priced and long-lasting. They are available in different lengths and provide decent illumination.
  • Incandescent Lights:are available in a variety of different configurations and wattages. The mini-bulbs consume less power and are suitable for ambient light.
  • Halogen Lights:Usually come in the form of pucks or small discs. Recessed and surface-mount fixtures are common.

Install Dimmer Switches

Improving the kitchen lighting by adding more lights doesn’t necessarily equate to better.

dimmer lights

Modern kitchen lighting is divided into three main categories: task lighting for detailed tasks, accent lighting for illuminating glass cabinets, and general lighting used for overall illumination. Dimmer switches allow access to all three categories with your existing setup. You can save money by installing high voltage bulbs and use the dimmer depending on the task. Apart from fluorescent and low-voltage lights, dimmer switches are relatively inexpensive and require little time and effort to install.

Adding Recessed Lights

Recessed lights usually come in a “can” shaped fixture that allows you to focus the light on specific areas using “trimmers”. These trimmers are of different shapes and sizes including wall washers and adjustable eyeballs.


Modern lighting is easy to install and allows for creative and unique designs whichhelp bring the kitchen back to life. Our electrician services in Cypress, TX allow you to choose your favorite types of lighting and designs and get them installed atreasonable prices! Contact us today!

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