5 Items to Prepare Your Emergency Bag for a Power Outage

No one knows how long power outages can disrupt your daily activities. Short power outages can last for a few hours, but longer outages can span over days.

If your city experiences frequent power outages, it’s better to be prepared with an emergency bag. Here’s what you’ll need to prepare a power outage emergency bag.

Emergency supplies for a power outage laid out on the floor

Items To Include

The following are the essentials for a kit that you should turn to during a power outage:


When you’re preparing your emergency kit, it’s better to pack some quick fueling snacks. Instead of stocking up on fresh foods, you can opt to store energy bars and dried fruits. These high energy snacks will ensure that you satisfy your hunger cravings and stay energized for longer. Moreover, keep some water bottles to stay hydrated.

However, you need to keep an eye on the food you have kept in the emergency bag to check its expiration date.


You need to have portable lights and torches in the emergency bag as well. It’s better to get a non-battery light that runs on solar energy. These torches will help you see in the dark and ensure that you don’t hurt yourself while you’re trying to navigate around the house during  a power outage. You should also get solar-powered emergency lights installed at your home.

A good LED lighting solutions provider can ensure you are not at a disadvantage during a power outage.

First Aid Kit

You or any family member might need a first-aid kit during the power outage. If you hurt yourself in the dark or don’t feel fine, you might need first-aid to respond to any emergencies.

Add bandages, ointments, and pain relievers to make a first aid kit.

A first aid kit on the ground with its contents spread out

Moreover, ensure that you freeze some hot water in zip lock bags. This will make for a food storage ice pack that you can use to put in your freezer and refrigerators. These DIY ice packs will prevent food from going bad during the power outage.

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