7 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bills

7 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bills

Electricity bill is a major household expense; if you are looking to save some money, reducing the consumption of electricity should be at the top of your list.  

The surprising thing is that reducing electricity consumption is easier than more homeowners think. Here are a few tips that could help you:

Air Seal Your Home

If there are cracks and holes, it means that your AC has to work harder in order to maintain indoor temperatures, especially in extreme summers that are common Texas.

Therefore, the first step towards lowering your electricity bills is air sealing your home to ensure that cool air inside your home isn’t leaking.

 Replacing Air Filters

Another way to ensure that your AC isn’t overworking is to replace air filters every two months.

If the filters are dirty, the air flow will be restricted, which means that your AC has to work twice as hard in order to meet the required thermostat settings.

Don’t Use Electricity When Not Required

This may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised by how many homeowners still fail to do this.

While leaving some lights open for security reasons is understandable, there is possibly no reason to cool an empty house. So don’t forget to switch off the AC when leaving your house.

Similarly, switching off the lights in rooms which aren’t being used is another effective way to cut-down electricity use.

Air Dry Your Clothes

Air drying the clothes is not only a great way to remove foul odors from your clothing; it is a great way to reduce electricity bills as well.

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According to an estimate, a household can save around $200 per year on their electricity bills by choosing to air dry clothes, rather than using an electric powered dryer.


Laptop and phone charges aren’t commonly left plugged in even when the they are not being used.  You will be able to save around $25 to $50 monthly if you just unplug any appliance when you aren’t using it.

Using Heat-Generating Appliances at Night

A smart way to conserve electricity is to use heat-generating applicants such as ovens, at night when the temperatures outside are a lot of cooler.

This makes it easy for your AC to maintain the cool temperatures inside of the home.

Converting to LED

The list couldn’t be complete without the mention of LED lights. LED lights are possible the best way to conserve electricity, and cutting down the electricity bills.

They are extremely efficient and consume only 10% of the electricity of a normal light bulb. They also produce less heat as they are able to convert 90% of electricity into light.

If you want a comprehensive LED light plan for your home then get in touch us. We are the leading residential electrician service in Cypress, TX, and provide reliable LED services for complete residential upgrades.

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