How Can Work from Home Employees Reduce Their Home Energy Bill?

How Can Work from Home Employees Reduce Their Home Energy Bill?

In 2021, everyone is moving toward ‘green’ technology. Being energy-efficient is good for both, your pocket and the environment. There is an immediate need for every individual to adopt energy-efficient practices and reduce their energy consumption.

Today, when more than half of the world is working from their homes, a few upgrades can change your life and make it easier.

Here are a few tips for you to save energy while working-from-home:

1)     Improve your daily habits

Work-from-home has made everyone very sedentary and lazy. It’s important to engage your body in some physical activities throughout the day. Most of the daily tasks don’t require the use of electrical appliances. For instance, you can clean a few dishes from breakfast in the sink instead of running the dishwasher. This will help you get the chores out of the way and save a lot of energy.

Cut on the usage of cooling and heating appliances. You can save a lot of energy by adjusting the hours you run your cooling and heating appliances. Be smart about it!

You can also use electricity monitors that track your electricity usage and precisely tell you which appliances use the most energy.

2) Time to say goodbye to incandescent bulbs

Traditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy as compared to the newer more efficient LED and Halogen bulbs.

These bulbs look modern, are energy-efficient, and friendly to your eyes. Moreover, in the long-term, they last more than the traditional bulbs and compared to incandescent bulbs, use almost 25%–80% less electricity. It’s smart to switch LED bulbs in your workplace at home since you spend most of your day working there.

We provide some of the best LED lighting solutions in Katy, TX, so that you can work from home while staying energy-efficient.

3) Try smart power strips

A lot of your appliances consume energy while they’re on standby, this is called phantom loading. This means even when you’re not using them, they’re using up your energy and adding to your bills. Work-from-home means unattended monitors and computers on standby, especially when you take your lunch breaks.

A great way to save on standby consumption is to use, what’re called, smart power trips. These strips detect the devices on standby mode and efficiently cuts off their power and saves electricity. This reduces your electricity consumption dramatically and keeps your devices protected.

If you’re in Woodlands, Katy, or Mongolia, TX, and looking for efficient electrical solutions or electrical repairs, we’re just a call away. We provide 24/7 electrical services; if you want to make your workplace at home energy-efficient, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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