Proven Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires at Your Home

Proven Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires at Your Home

There are more than 45,000 home electrical fires every year, half of which relate to lighting equipment and home electrical wiring. Most of these incidents can be avoided by keeping the home’s electrical systems maintained and following the best practices of powering electrical appliances and equipment.

Here are some proven tips to prevent electrical fires at home:

Never use extension cords to power major appliances

Major appliances, like a washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, and microwave, are a major source of energy consumption. Using extension cords and power strips to supply the power isn’t a smart choice and can be a major fire hazard. Extension cords over time can rapidly deteriorate, which presents the risk of short circuit and electrical fire.

A GFCI outlet installed in a home

Therefore, you must not use extension cords to power major appliances of your home. Instead, these items should be directly plugged into a wall outlet. If you must use a power strip for a temporary basis, choose the one with internal overload protection. A better option is to hire a professional electrical contractor, like RHK Electrical, to install additional circuits and outlets.

Install GFCI outlets near spaces where water or moisture is present

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets—GFCI outlets, in short—are a type of circuit breaker that shuts off electric power when there is an imbalance between the incoming and outgoing current. These outlets are typically installed where electrical circuits may accidentally come into contact with water.

Therefore, your kitchen and bathrooms must have GFCI outlets. These devices protect you and your loved ones from electrocuted hazard and a fire risk. If your kitchen, bathrooms, or any space where water or moisture is present has older style outlets, contact RHK Electrical straight away to have them replaced.

Avoid overloading your outlets

Overloaded circuits are one of the biggest culprits that lead to fire hazards. However, these circuits, in most cases, don’t overload on their own; it happens due to the negligence of homeowners who plug several electrical appliances in a single outlet. Fortunately, this hazard is easily preventable.

Never overload your circuit by plugging multiple extension cords. As a general rule of thumb, never plug more than two appliances into an outlet at once. If you have a large number of electrical appliances and gadgets at home, contact RHK Electrical to install surge protectors and new outlets and wiring.

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