Recurrent Electrical Power Surges—Should You Be Worried?

Recurrent Electrical Power Surges—Should You Be Worried?

Power surges are something that almost every homeowner has experienced at some point or another. An occasional power surge that apparently does no harm to your electrical system is fine; however, you don’t underestimate them.

Recurrent power surges could fry your electronic appliances and burn your electrical system.  They can even start electrical fires deep within your walls, which you would only be able to detect once the damage has severed.

If you are experiencing recurrent power surges, call an emergency electrical repair service to have a thorough inspection of your home and perform necessary repairs.

Here are some reasons why you may be having recurrent power surges:


When there are too many appliances plugged into the same socket, it may lead to power surges. This can also happen if one switchboard is connected to many lights and devices. Deal with the issue as soon as possible as it can also lead to electrical fires.

Similarly, if there are several appliances working in one single room, it may overload the entire circuit.

Only after a professional inspection can the real problem is detected.

Damaged Wiring

Rodents can damage your wiring by eating away the covering and the copper wire itself. When the wire is exposed or damaged, the flow of electricity is affected which leads to power surges.

Damaged wiring often leads to burned wires, as the irregular flow of electricity causes raises the temperatures of the wiring system. Not getting damaged wires repaired immediately can aggravate quickly, and will require a full-scale replacement of the wiring system.

electrical surges

Lightning Strikes

You can experience recurrent power surges during thunderstorms when there are multiple lightning strikes in your area.

Lightning is basically electricity travelling toward Earth through the fastest route possible, and often, it is the electrical systems of homes.

During a thunderstorm, unplug all your electronic devices and turn off your lights, so that if there if lightning strikes, there are less chances of damage to the wiring system.

Get your electrical system inspected after every thunderstorm, even if you didn’t experience power surges.

Using Higher-power Devices

Another reason you could be experiencing recurrent power surges is that there is a high-power device in your home that is consuming more electricity than your electrical system can handle.

If you have installed a new AC system, a refrigerator or any other device, that could probably be the reason why this is happening. You will need to get your electrical system upgraded in order to ensure that your electrical system can meet the demands.

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