The Steps You Should Take to Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fires

The Steps You Should Take to Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fires

Electrical fires remain one of the top causes of fires in residential and commercial environments. According to the 2018 statistics released by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), out of 1,318,500 fire incidents in the USA, the electrical malfunction was the cause of 6.8% residential and 7.8% non-residential fires.

The research also revealed the rate of injuries and death caused by electrical fires in homes, commercial setups, and industries.

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to protect your family and workers from getting injured in a horrendous fire incident. Ahead we’ve rounded up some ways you can eliminate or reduce the risk of electrical fires in your property.

Unplug Appliances That Produce Heat

Appliances that produce heat such as electric kettles, hair curling and straightening wands, pressing iron, bread toaster, microwave ovens, and others can catch on fire easily if they malfunction or overwork. Make sure to turn off these appliances right after using them and replace them when they have reached the end of their life expectancy.

Don’t Use Extension Wires as a Permanent Fix

Most homeowners connect major electric appliances like refrigerators and washing machines with extension cords as a permanent power source. However, these cords are only mean to be used temporarily, and using them for extended hours can lead to short circuits. Additionally, fluctuating power can cause a malfunction in appliances that are attached to an extension cable. Hire a qualified electrician if you require a permanent power source in your home or commercial property.

Take Note of Bulb Watts Before Installing

Many people install bulbs that are too powerful for their light fixtures, which can lead to electrical fires. To prevent this, make sure you check wattages of the light bulbs before mounting them on to the light fixtures.

Look out for Loose and Faulty Wiring

Loose, broke, uncovered, and defected wiring increase the risk of electrical fires. Electric wiring has a life expectancy, and they tend to wear out over time. Especially, if you live in an old construction home, it’s viable to get your home assessed for buzzing outlets, fluctuating voltages, flickering lights, and spark plugs.

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