Tips for Indoor Light Décor

Tips for Indoor Light Décor

Want to make change up the appearance of your home? Changing lighting design can make a huge impact. Lighting adds personality and style to a room.

Furthermore, it also impacts your emotions and biological functions. For example, lighting affects your bodily temperature. Similarly, blue and white lighting can make you feel energetic.

So make sure you chose the right kind of indoor lighting. The following tips can come in handy:

Create Layers of Light

Add different layers of light in places like the kitchen. Get lighting fixtures like ceiling lights or chandeliers installed in the room. These provide light to the entire room.

Next, add task lighting to the part of the house where you perform different chores. Finally, add accent lighting. Some examples of this lighting option include tray ceilings along with lights above or below the cabinets.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights illuminate your room and make it look stylish. Furthermore, you can adjust their height and size.


Overhead lights in the bathroom make it hard for you to apply makeup or brush your teeth since they produce shadows in your face.

A better option would be to install sidelights. They will fully illuminate the room. Adding two pendants on either side of the mirror can get the desired results.

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Under Cabinet Lighting

No kitchen is complete without under cabinet lighting. Mount them on the front side of the cabinet. This allows light to shine through and provide illumination to the kitchen.

Light in Entryway

Lighting is entryway is perfect for giving guests a warm welcome. They also create a positive first impression. Start with installing an overhead chandelier or dramatic pendant light. You can then supplement them with table or floor lamps.

Use Lights as Focal Points

In addition to dining rooms, you can also have chandeliers installed in bathrooms, suites and children’s rooms. They are an elegant lighting option and serve as focal points in a room.

Install Dimmers

Dimmers allow you to control the intensity of lighting. You can use them to create a light source which fits your needs and mood.

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