Tips For Protecting Family Members and Yourself From Electric Shocks

Tips For Protecting Family Members and Yourself From Electric Shocks

1 milliampere can cause a tingling feeling throughout your body; 75 MA can cause cardiac arrhythmia, which can eventually lead to death. 

Electrocution is one of the common causes of death and house fires. Take necessary safety precautions to protect your loved ones from electric shocks.

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Circuit breakers

To prevent power spikes and tripping, install circuit breakers around the house. Breakers automatically trip, when there is high voltage running in the wires or when there is any sort of wiring fault.

Look for fuses

Electrical fuses are your first line of defense, when it comes to high-voltage current. When the current running around your house crosses the permissible threshold, to protect you from short circuits and electrical fires, the fuse melts and prevents the faulty circuit from transferring high-current flow to the house.

Install electrical enclosure

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), electrical appliances should be kept in secure enclosures that prevent dust, dirt, moisture from damaging the equipment.


Exposed wiring

Leaving live wires unattended is a safety hazard. Make sure all cables and wiring have sufficient protection and are secured far away from moisture and hot surfaces. Moreover, inspect your wiring from time to time and get damaged wires replaced immediately.

Kitchen Electrocution

In order to keep your kitchen shock-free follow these tips:

  • Don’t leave electrical appliance (like, mixer) unattended, while they are connected to a power supply
  • Avoid using appliances with wet hands
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils after every 4 months
  • Don’t perform a DIY repair, while an appliance is connected to the power source
  • Keep wire connection away from heat and liquid
  • Install smoke detector
  • Provide electrical appliance the right environment to cool down after use with sufficient ventilation

Bathroom Electrocution

  • Switch boards should be installed far-away from the shower
  • Enclose all light fixtures to prevent moisture from entering the light
  • Permanently wire water heater
  • Use hair dryers and other device outside the bathroom
  • Install heater’s pull cord outside the bathroom

Lastly, take necessary precautions when using power tool and never leave electrical appliance in running condition.

Keep your house shock-free with these tips. Get your house wiring inspected from an experienced electrical service provider in Cypress, TX.

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