UPS Maintenance 101

UPS Maintenance 101

Your UPS is an essential component of protecting your sensitive appliances from any power surges or power outages. People often use UPS systems to protect the data in their personal computers, server farms use UPS systems to provide consistent storage to their users and plenty of other reasons. Clearly, it’s quite important to make sure that your UPS remains in the best condition, so you don’t have to face any electrical inconveniences.

As such, everyone should own a UPS, and everyone should know how to get the most out of their Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Some maintenance tips for your UPS include:

Finding the Right Spot for Your UPS

It’s advised that you keep your UPS in dry conditions, at 77 degrees. As a piece of equipment that generates electricity, the UPS can get pretty hot and that can damage the internal mechanisms. Short circuits or failed batteries are a common reason why people buy a new UPS. Additionally, keeping your UPS dry can prevent malfunctions and possible electrical fires because moisture can cause short circuits and exposes wiring by wearing away at the insulated coating.

Conduct Regular Inspection

Wear is a problem for all electrical equipment—your UPS is no exception. You should check for any burned insulation or loose connections and get them fixed at the earliest possible opportunity. Make sure that you hire a licensed electrician to repair your UPS to prevent any further damage and reduce the risk of possible electrical emergencies.

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Check UPS Transfer Switches, Circuit Breakers and Grounding

Many people invest in a UPS to prevent damage from power surges and outages. A UPS can regulate the amount of current flowing into your appliances and divert any extra current into the ground wire or breaks the circuit to prevent the surge from damaging the appliance. Over time, these mechanisms get old and breakdown—which is why you should see if those mechanisms are still intact and your UPS can still protect your electronics.

Try Using Energy Efficient Electronics

Using energy-efficient appliances and electronics can extend the life of your UPS. For example, LED lights take up only a quarter of the electricity required by an incandescent light bulb. Using appliances that require less energy will increase the UPS’s battery lifespan and will also ensure that your UPS isn’t put under extra strain.

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