What Causes Electrical Fires? Here's What You Should Know

What Causes Electrical Fires? Here's What You Should Know

Electrical fires can have severe consequences and threaten the lives of your family members. Every year, 5300 electrical fires result in severe consequences. One of the leading causes of electrical fires is ungrounded electrical outlets. If your house is also one of those old ones in Harris County within Cypress, TX, you might also be at risk of an electrical fire. Even if your ungrounded electric outlets are working fine, you are still not safe.

Since an ungrounded outlet lacks a sink, a slight fluctuation in voltages can also have disastrous consequences.  Electrical arcing and sparking can soon turn into dangerous fire and reach the walls. In worst cases, the fire can even spread to the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. Even if you can take control of it, you might still lose many of your appliances.

Faulty outlets and appliances.

Faulty outlets and appliances are another leading cause of electrical fires. Often, old electrical outlets and outdated appliances can cause a spark that can soon turn into fire. You can avoid it by getting your cords, receptacles, and switches checked and replaced frequently. You should also never use any appliance that has a worn-out cable. If you notice any outlets or appliances getting heat up excessively, then unplug them immediately and get them checked by an expert.

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Running Cords Under Rugs

Often, people let their cords and electric cables come into contact with rugs, carpets, and curtains. A little spark can cause a fire in such cases and burn the entire place. Even if you’ve to pass your electric cables or cords through such sites, make sure that there is sufficient insulation around them.

Similarly, if you place materials like a cloth that can catch fire near a lampshade, that can also result in an electric fire if the lamp heats up and ignites.

Light fixtures

In many cases, light fixtures, bulbs, and lamps also lead to electrical fires. For instance, if you install a bulb with a too high wattage, that can also lead to electrical fires. To prevent that, you must always ensure that you are not exceeding the maximum wattage recommended by the bulb manufacturer.

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