Why Should You Be Worried About Power Surges?

Why Should You Be Worried About Power Surges?

Interrupted flow of electricity is known as a power surge. It happens when the voltage fluctuates in varying degrees. These power spikes last only for seconds, but within these seconds, they can burn your electrical wiring, destroy electrical appliance and cause multiple short circuits around the house.

Types of power surges

Internal power surges are widely experienced around the house. Remember the time, when one too many hair dryers were connected around the house and your house was in complete blackout for hours.

Power surges can be caused from within your house when motor-based devices divert the energy supply from other devices. Refrigerators and HVACs are usually perpetrators, but don’t underestimate the power of hair dryers or microwave.

On the other hand, external power surges are caused due to lightning striking the transistor, tree branches tampering main power lines, and other external forces. Disrupted flow (when the energy flows in and out of the system) can severely damage appliances and power lines.

Power surge can also be experienced after a power outage and any item that’s sensitive to current fluctuation and bring your whole house into darkness.

Why should you fear them?

Alternating current of 120 volts usually flows into your home. However, a constant 120 volts of electricity isn’t delivered to your home all the time.

thunderThe voltage varies in rhythm and can oscillate from zero volts to a peak of 169 volts. Appliance made in the US are designed to withstand these power surges, but at times, voltage fluctuation crosses the boundary of 169 volts and wreak havoc on your machinery and power lines.

Machineries containing microprocessors like, cordless phones, TV, microwave, computer, washing machine or dishwasher, are more vulnerable to power spikes, than other electrical appliances. They are highly sensitive to the least amount of voltage fluctuation, a surge of 5–10 volts can cause malfunction.

Large-scale power surges, like lightning strike, can immediately fry electrical circuitries and melt away plastic and metal components. However, these types of surges are quite rare.

On the other hand, low-key surges rust away the internal circuitry, blow fuses and reduce the overall functionality of appliance. Unlike, high-level surges, low-level power surges slowly deplete the wiring, metal components and circuit boards.

How to protect yourself?

Provide your home with added protection from power surges with help of Point-of-use surge protection devices (SPDs) and grounding system. Instead of suppressing electricity spike, SPDs divert it to the ground, which absorbs it effectively.

In addition to this, schedule a generator installation service, if your area experiences a lot of power surges and outages. With a backup power supply, you can prevent complete blackouts.

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