Why Your Lights Are Flickering

Why Your Lights Are Flickering

Picture this: you’re sitting in your living room, watching your favorite TV show but oh wait—the lights are flickering! And no matter how many times you turn them on, the flickering just won’t go away!

A flickering light is one of the most annoying electrical issues. But it isn’t always indicating something minor like a worn out bulb. It can also be an indication of a bigger issue in your electrical wiring. If ignored, flickering lights may even lead to a more pressing problem.

Here is all that a flickering light in your home may be indicating:

The Problem Might be In Your Bulb

If it’s just one particular light in your bedroom that keeps flickering, it might be because your bulb is off-kilter. Unscrew your bulb and screw it back tightly to restore the connection.

You should know that it’s normal for fluorescent bulbs to flicker a bit before turning on. If you find it annoying or irritating, you can always switch to LEDs, since they’re more energy-efficient and illuminate at full capacity immediately after being switched on.

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However, if the flickering continues for longer durations, it might be a good idea to replace your bulb altogether.

Your bulb is very likely to flicker if it isn’t compatible with dimmers. Be sure to check specifications before installing a light bulb to avoid this issue.

Narrowing Down the Sources of Trouble

So you replaced the bulb, but it’s still flickering! This means that the bulb wasn’t the problem, to begin with! So what else could it be?

Start by narrowing down your options; if the flickering intensifies when you touch the light switch, your worn out switch might be the culprit.

If your switch isn’t the problem, your fixture wiring is the next place to check. Loose and melted wiring often cause your light bulbs to flicker.

Search for Surges

Power surges often result in flickering lights. A power surge occurs when a heavy appliance starts up, drawing in a high voltage.

Although they aren’t something to worry about, frequent surges can cause cumulative damage, often causing your bulbs and appliances to malfunction.

Flickering lights can be annoying, which is why you should have them repair and replaced immediately.

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